NFL Sunday and Job Hunting Day 3

     so i decided to take off a few days since my last post, i choose not to look for any work at all on friday or saturday but today i call one place looking for 20 peopleto call for tele markers jobs, it’s not the most idea jobs to ask for but i need the money, i got some personal debt built up and i would like to start paying down before i move out of my mom house, and also buy a new car from the chicago auto auction too.

     Saturday i pretty much watch my badgers win and other college football games and today i watch the packers game and hang out with my buddy bill. So tommorrow i will look into this tele marking job and stuff.

Job Hunting Day 2

So today i decided to look on a couple of websites on job posting and decided to apply for a housekeeping job at Mariott hotel. I don’t expect to get this job because they have these survey where they weed people out of jobs because how they responed to the question and i feel i fuck it up so i don’t expect to hear from them. This happen to me last month because i apply for a job to Walmart and fail the survey for applying so i don’t expect them to call back. I do hate that company make you feel out a survey to detreme if i’m a good candiate for this job and i never do a good job convincing to give me a chance, otherwise today is like a another wasted day looking for work i take too much time filling out these appication and you know you’re never going to get this job. Well I can apply for more jobs tommorrow.

Job Hunting Day 1

     To start off my job searching experience i decided to look through the yellow and white pages, and search through the first 4 pages of business listing, i did find a couple of jobs to apply for so i apply for 2 jobs so far, i know that i said that i will apply for at least 5 jobs per day but i call about 20 or 30 diffrent business and it seem like too much work so i decided to apply for jobs that people told me i could for.

     Otherwise i did apply for aable brothers heating and cooling and ABM Jantioral Services but i will search through the yellow pages tommorrow to find more jobs but i’m still on A in the phone book so got a long way to go. I do feel that i will get a job soon because i don’t think i will go through the whole telephone book and have no luck so tommorrow i apply for more.

Background story for my job hunt

 OK, i decided to start searching for a new job again. Just recently i was taking online school for IT Computer programing but they drop me from the proram, my last full time job was 3 years ago, since that point i moved back home into my parents house, got rid of my car because too many problems with the car and just about 6 1/2 weeks ago i had to go cold turkey from smoking because i don’t have any money. I don’t get unemployment because i used itall up and no longer get the GI Bill because the school drop me from the program, i also pawn my ipad and ipod touch for money.

     So today i decided to start looking for work again, my plan on to go through the yellow page any job that seem entry level that i can do that dosen’t requare any experience. I will go through the phone book and start calling business and pick between 5 and 10 per day where i can fill out a appication online because it’s cheaper and submit, if i try this i should be able to get a job soon but if it take long then i have an documed story to go with it.

     After applying for jobs i will keep track of every place i apply at and myabe even write them in this blog. My rule for this job hunting is that i will keep track of every job apply for, apply for 5+ jobs per day and call every job place on Monday for interview or maybe even talk to them when they do call. Secondly treat this as another step on try to get somewhere i want to be but i want to see and share my experience to that point. Otherwise please comment if you like my blog.

Life stuff

I’m looking for work, i had to move back home and i’m broke so i decided to start over i quit smoking to start off with. So i decided to talk about my experience my last time i smoke was on Satuday July 31 at 11:20pm so it been 3 weeks since my last time i smoke. The first two days was the hardest and the 3rd day was easier but i got throught that period so now i’m walking more and eating more somewhat i get hungry more but i just eat the same.